Hire Us and We Will Launch You a New Product In 30 Days.

We’re breaking down the norms of the traditional process.
In case you haven’t noticed in the recent decade a influx of self proclaimed “gurus” have wedged themselves on social media selling their extremely expensive courses on platforms that are free to the public.

A lot of these gurus are just simply re-writing the platforms user manual, simplifying it, and then re-wording it in a way for the non-technical user can understand. Which is a completely legal business model.

There’s a lot of people on this planet, and a lot of good idea’s from non tech savvy people looking to get their fair shake of the internet’s digital revolution. When people shop online (in the USA), a few main e-commerce retailers come to mind. Walmart, Target, Amazon, eBay, Nordstrom, and so fourth.
Have you ever wondered how these companies were able to get a product built, legally registered with the trade mark office, approved to sell on these platforms etc?
Well it’s not as bad as one would think, and in fact it’s very doable if you’re willing to do the research, and execute the whole process.

We offer a service that’s 100% completely designed for our company and you to spend 30-days and we design your product launch from start to finish assisting you every step of the way. We make this affordable to help YOU take your great million dollar idea and turn it into cash.
We will find a manufacturing company in Asia, coordinate the production of said product, get shipping and logistical issues streamlined, product gets copyrighted and registered as your own brand.
Assist you on building a complete product launch on Amazon and it’s own e-Commerce website and show you a step-by-step process on how to deliver it to the masses by a well-coordinated PPC campaign in a sales funnel format.

Once you receive your sample/prototype and make a RFP (request for production) for your first batch of products, we will discuss on how to sell as many units as possible.
We will show you how to get your products on Walmart.com, Target.com, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Google Shopping, Amazon FBA and your own e-Commerce website within 30-days.

We walk you through the whole process and assist you with any snags that may come up during this process. There will be some snags too, don’t get the idea that this is 100% streamlined with no issues, but that’s why we’re here offering this service. We have 3 SKUs of our own private label products selling thousands of units a year and we practice what we preach.

We don’t take multiple clients on at the same time, either.
So our time is 100% dedicated to the success and product launch of your million dollar idea.

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Here's one of our top selling consumer electronic ear buds called the S11

We're able to get this product manufactured for around $5 a unit (that includes shipping, UPC codes, custom logos, packaging, and trademark registration) and sell it for a retail value of $49.99!