When you’re a small to medium sized business having something on your plate like managing a website can be a daunting task, and especially when you have to fill it with content to keep the visitors coming in and the algorithms of Google to keep your site indexed and ranked competitively. We understand this, so we offer an affordable Video Creation service for for companies that have lots of picture and video clips, but not enough hands to put it all together and make coherent videos in a timely manor. Here are some of our sample videos below.
This video was created early in 2020, by Max Miller. The video is remix video promotional an electronic music DJ called Zatox. The video is rough edit of previously existing content, mixed and edited with content footage from various European and Australian music festivals in the hard style genre.
This video is a Facebook advertisement used for an in-house eCommerce brand we run here at Rellim Group called MaxxScents.com (perfume and cologne e-commerce website).

So when deciding if your website needs to hire a content specialist or a team of young marketers out of college to build social media promotional content, and or advertisements used for PPC campaigns, keep us in mind as we have competitive pricing for quick and easy content solutions to populate your websites with a fast editorial deadline and proofing schedule. 

You can see that creating video content for a wide variety of audiences and marketed to different socioeconomic and demographic audiences are vital to the success of your website. We can schedule a call, get your content, generate your video content, have your team proof it and publish it all within (1) business day. Video content can be any length, you provide the footage, photography, voice over and or music, describe to us what your goal is and our digital marketing experts will get to work building you content for various platforms for $200 a day. 

FAQ Video Content

We Provide the content, you create visual and enticing video content for our site?

It sounds simple, and for the most part it is. We have a decade experience building video content and have developed a seamless transition into this process by collobrating with the client the overall goal, expectation, length, message, targeted audience, etc. With good communication and content we can turn your not so sexy content into a visual masterpiece that generates clicks and web traffic.
We take our time with providing the best visual content we can provide for your brand. However, we have an efficent system developed to get most client videos done within one business day.
Our videos that get published can be brought to any major video hosting platform or self hosted. We have learned from our own trial and errors in the making that any video content uploaded to Youtube will be analyzed by AI (artifical intelligence) for copyright infringement violations. This is mostly for music and or speeches that have not provided the authorization to use the content in conjunction with your video. However, a few things can be done like appeal the decision and informing Youtube that your video can have the content embedded into the video because remixed videos do not violate the terms of service or authors of the content. Like all things in life, it’s a process.